Reading & Maths Essential Skills for Year 2 Bundle

ABC Reading Eggs

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Strong reading and comprehension skills are essential for academic success and lifelong learning.

The ABC Reading Eggspress program (Australian curriculum) provides a comprehensive and systematic way to improve and extend reading, grammar, spelling and literacy skills in a fun and motivating way.

The Year 2 Essential Skills program provides a rigorous 36-week curriculum with easy-to-follow comprehension, spelling and grammar lessons.

These lessons build 200 essential reading skills to understand new ideas, make connections, write effectively and unlock deeper comprehension of a wide range of texts.

This extensive Year 2 workbook provides a rigorous curriculum with:

  • 200 essential reading skills
  • 72 comprehension lessons
  • fiction and nonfiction texts
  • 72 spelling lessons
  • 36 grammar lessons
  • 4 reviews that test knowledge
  • answer sheets
  • a yearly planner
  • full-colour pages
  • 217 pages in total.

This workbook is based on the online reading program ABC Reading Eggspress, which is part of the multi-award winning ABC Reading Eggs suite.

NOTE: This workbook is based on the Australian Year 2 curriculum.


The ABC Mathseeds program provides step-by-step lessons that children really enjoy!

The Year 2 Essential Maths Skills program (Australian curriculum) improves skills in numbers, addition, subtraction, fractions, geometry, measurement and problem solving in just 15 minutes a day!

Children who use ABC Mathseeds are excited by maths, have a deeper understanding of maths concepts and score higher in independent testing.

With 50 easy-to-achieve lessons, this book covers the 200 essential skills your child needs to excel in Year 2 maths.

Every page in this book is carefully structured to improve your child's maths skills with interesting and engaging activities.

The workbook covers:

  • counting to 1000
  • numbers
  • fractions
  • operations
  • word problems
  • patterns
  • addition
  • subtraction
  • geometry
  • measurement
  • time
  • 50 lessons with four worksheets each
  • 10 quizzes with lesson reviews and rewards
  • a yearly planner
  • full-colour pages
  • 260 pages in total.

Workbook complements ABC Mathseeds Lessons 101 - 150, Map 21 - 30.

NOTE: This workbook is based on the Australian Year 2 curriculum.